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Sep 7

Written by:
Julie Anne Cormier

Posted in:
Internal Floating Tank Covers,
The Tank Industry,


Why pull the plug on drains?

DISCUS IFR in Tank 337The design philosophy behind a significant shift in floating cover technology: decks without drains.

Cover drains are defined by the US EPA in AP-42 as either “open” or “closed”. Closed drains are not typically used on aluminum floating covers. Open cover drains can be either “flush” or “overflow”. Overflow drains are not typically used on aluminum floating covers either. We are left with open drains that are flush with the cover and extend to the liquid under the cover to allow liquid to drain off the floating cover. These are also called “stub drains” or “automatic drains”. Since they are open, this type of drain is a source of emissions. Read more from the Nov/Dec 2015 issue of Tank Storage Magazine


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