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Apr 10

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Julie Anne Cormier

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Whoa! We’re doing it again at NISTM

DISCUS-NISTM-DISCGolfChallenge-0225-SOURCE-400x263Just when you thought golfing at NISTM couldn’t get any better or more fun, there’s this. DISCUS Engineered Products has again sponsored the DISC Golf Challenge at the NISTM annual golf tournament in Orlando, Florida.

It takes place between the 9th and 10th holes of the regular golf tournament. Golfers are invited to take two throws to try to land a disc into the disc catcher. Great fun! Last year over 200 people participated and we awarded 5 winners. Join us and get to know the fun-loving, internal floating cover experts at DISCUS. And ask how Homer is doing.

See you in Orlando April 17th!

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