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Mar 31

Written by:
Bill Grimes

Posted in:
Internal Floating Tank Covers,
Risk Management


Mitigate or Eliminate

DISCUS OpenRaft AIFC has no enclosed spacesSafety in general terms is identifying potential risk, then managing that risk by mitigation or preferably elimination.

Managing enclosed floatation compartments on aluminum internal floating covers (AIFCs) which are well known to leak is a matter of mitigation.  As an obvious threat to safety, and in order to guarantee a safe, gas free work area, every enclosed compartment has to be cautiously and properly checked, carefully purged if hot, and then replaced, since the hot condition was caused by a failure of the component.  This mitigation process is dangerous, time consuming and costly.

The DISCUS OpenRaft™ aluminum internal floating cover (AIFC) has no enclosed spaces.

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