Presenting the DISCUS Welded Aluminum Internal Floating Roof.

Fully welded seams. Full contact. New seal technology. No enclosed spaces.

Less evaporation. More storage. More tank uptime. Strong as steel.

Achieve new levels of safety

with a roof that cannot trap dangerous vapors.

The patent pending OpenRaft™ design has zero enclosed spaces. It's impossible for vapors to get trapped inside the new DISCUS IFR.

Cut yearly evaporation loss by 74%.

That's 6,300 pounds per year per 120 ft tank.

Increase your storage by 2,350 barrels per 120 ft tank.

Add 14 vertical inches of storage capacity:

The DISCUS roof and seal system floats as much as 14 inches higher than other roofs because it does not need a secondary seal to comply with EPA rules.

Extend tank uptime

by as much as 3 weeks per year with in-service seal inspections.

The new DISCUS roof and seal allow quick and safe in-service inspections, so you can comply with EPA rules without taking your tank out of service every 10 years.

Meets US EPA and API requirements.

New Jersey SOTA compliant.

Lower than LAER: The DISCUS roof and seal set a new standard for lowest achievable emissions.

Proudly Made in America

A roof that will never trap explosive vapors.

Achieve new levels of safety with our innovative OpenRaft™ roof design (patent pending). It's the only aluminum IFR without closed compartments, making it impossible for vapors to get trapped inside. No more time-consuming tests and no more expenses to replace leaky buoyant members — only unprecedented safety.

An evaporation loss rate 74% lower than a typical aluminum IFR.

On a 120 ft gasoline storage tank, a welded DISCUS OpenRaft™ floating roof paired with a DISCUS StainlessLog™ seal reduces evaporation loss by over 6,300 pounds per year. Protect your investment and the environment.

View comparison details.

This calculation is made using the EPA's Tanks4 evaporation loss estimating program for the following conditions: 120' x 52’ high tank, Gasoline RVP 9, (24) turnovers per year, (7) columns, (1) access hatch, (2) vacuum breakers, (1) slotted pole, meteorological data for Newark, NJ. DISCUS welded, suspended roof with DISCUS seals vs. non-contact roof with standard seals 5 ft wide bolted seams, (80) drains and (71) adjustable legs. Other comparisons may vary.

Increase your storage by 2,350 barrels per 120 ft tank.

The DISCUS OpenRaft™ roof and StainlessLog™ seal system floats 14 inches higher than other aluminum roofs, adding useful vertical storage capacity to each of your tanks. It floats higher because our roof and seal system does not need a secondary seal to comply with EPA rules. That means you can store 2,350 extra barrels per 120 ft tank.

View comparison details.

DISCUS StainlessLog™ single seal vs. double seal (shoe with secondary) on other manufacturer’s aluminum IFR. Other seal and floating roof comparisons may vary.

Click here to see how the DISCUS roof and seal can also reduce dead storage by 2,000 barrels.

The DISCUS roof and seal system is also designed to reduce dead storage below the deck. Because our seal mechanism does not extend below the IFR like other designs, you can eliminate up to 12" of dead space — and store an extra 2,000 barrels per 120 ft. tank.

Extend tank uptime by as much as 3 weeks per year.

Eliminate out-of-service seal inspections with our new StainlessLog™ seal. Our seal lets you complete your 10-year inspections safely and quickly while working atop the floating roof — and the EPA approves. These EPA-approved topside inspections can add up to 3 weeks of extra tank uptime per year.

The StainlessLog™ seal is a best-of-both-worlds design that combines the proven long life of a stainless steel shoe and the EPA-documented efficiency of a liquid-mounted seal. It does not require a secondary seal.

More benefits of the DISCUS OpenRaft™ Internal Floating Roof...

  • Supports four men in one place, anywhere on the roof. API-standard roofs are only required to support two men. With the DISCUS OpenRaft™ IFR, rooftop jobs get done twice as safely.
  • Strong as steel. Design live load of 12.5 PSF is 2.5x greater than all other aluminum floating roofs and equal to the API-required strength of steel IFRs.
  • No evaporation loss through drains. Like a steel pan roof, the DISCUS IFR works without drains. Drains on other aluminum roofs increase odors and evaporation losses. Our OpenRaft™ IFR does not have drains, which means zero pounds of yearly evaporation loss through drains.
  • The welds are for sealing — and that's it. DISCUS seam welds are not required for structural integrity. Instead, their geometry is optimized for sealing the seams, weldability and ease of inspection.
  • Optional non-welded seams have a tested loss factor many times lower than the EPA generic seam loss factor. The non-welded seams are sealed and clamped for an economical installation and a tight seal. These seams are designed for a relatively easy, in-field upgrade to fully welded seams at any time. The DISCUS non-welded internal floating roof is BACT and RACT compliant.

The roof and seal are new, but we're not.
Here is why you can trust us:

The DISCUS management team has 74 years of collective petrochemical industry experience.

David Rosenkrantz, P.E., has contributed to numerous API standards and methods, and he helped to develop the EPA regulations that govern floating roof tanks.

Bill Grimes has extensive international business development and sales engineering expertise in the petroleum and tank industries, and publishes regularly on industry topics.

+ Learn more about David

David Rosenkrantz, P.E. is founder and president of DISCUS Engineered Products. David is a 37-year veteran of the petrochemical industry who holds three patents and one pending for floating roof designs and inventions.

David has managed engineering for over 760 tank and roof projects in all 50 states and in 56 countries. He has contributed to numerous API standards and methods, and was a participant in the development of the EPA regulations that govern floating roof tanks.

Over the course of his career at Altech Industries, Allentech, and Access Engineering, David designed and introduced more than 20 profitable product lines, including full- and non-contact floating roofs, seals, dome roofs, and accessories for floating roofs and tanks.

+ Learn more about Bill

Bill has 37 years of diverse petroleum industry experience bringing a wealth of knowledge and expertise in petroleum terminals, aluminum floating cover design, manufacture and installation, as well as deep relationships throughout the petroleum and tank industries.

Prior to joining DISCUS as Managing Partner, Bill was a sales engineer with Allentech for 13 years where he developed and serviced accounts in North, Central and South America, the Bahamas and the Caribbean.

Preceding Allentech Bill led Matrix Service into the aviation fuel terminal construction business, negotiating several contracts with Southwest Airlines and others.

Bill is a U.S. Air Force veteran; a licensed, instrument-rated pilot; a certified sailboat skipper and author of several published technical articles on floating tank covers.

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